Wage-Hour Webinar 

Disability service providers have special wage-hour concerns not faced by other employers. They include the special minimum wage provisions for workers with disabilities under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Organizations that provide residential services must also deal with special rules dealing with staff including sleep time, overtime and exempt status.

DOL is increasing their scrutiny of disability service providers. From 2001 to 2010 DOL conducted almost 2500 investigations involving Sec. 14(c). Over 57,000 workers with disabilities were owed $9.7 million. In 2007 DOL conducted 247 investigations where 4663 workers with disabilities were paid $1.286 million in back wages. In the FY2013 Budget the administration has proposed adding 21 investigators for 14(c).

Employment Status of Client/Workers Webinar

One of the most confusing questions for a community rehabilitation program is whether a client/worker is to be considered  an employee or not. This three hour webinar by an attorney with more than 35 years of experience will focus on how the IRS applies employment status for FICA and withholding as well as ancillary impact on other issues such as health care coverage and fringe benefits.

Other issues to be covered will include coverage for unemployment compensation, unionization and immigration status. You will learn how different federal programs and agencies view and use employment status of client/workers. 

What does a webinar include?

The Wage-Hour webinar will consist of four sessions over two days. Two sessions are an hour long and two are an hour and a half long. The Employment Status of Client/Workers Webinar is one 3 hour long session with a break midway. The audio is provided via a toll phone connection.  Copies of extensive handouts and presentation slides are emailed prior to the webinar. Instructions and the website and conference call (toll) will be provided after registration and payment. 

Each webinar is limited to 40 connections. Additional webinars will be scheduled if necessary. All dates and times are subject to change. Please call Mr. Harles at 202.546.2847 or email now for registration information. The fee for the Wage-Hour webinar is $250.  The fee for the Employment Status of Client/Workers is $175. There are discounts available to members of certain state associations.

Why a webinar?

# lower costs in difficult times

# high airfares and hotel costs eliminated

# key staff are not away for extended period of time

With this webinar your staff can get this specialized training at their own desk. Different staff can attend different sessions. The webinar format will allow interactivity with the presentation. Extensive handouts will be provided via e-mail, including the DOL Field Operations Handbook chapter on Sec. 14(c).

Comments on our webinars:

“Thank you so much for putting on such a well thought out Webinar. Your experience and dedication to the subject matter is quite apparent. I especially appreciated how you made everything relatable. Thank you for helping agencies such as ours!”

“Liked when examples were inserted. Brings home that this can happen to all of us. “

“I needed to get a better understanding of the issues involved and Charlie was very informative, as usual.”

“I expected some of the topics to be boring - they weren’t.”

“Interesting and fun. Kept my attention and informed me of tasks for DOL standards.”

“Excellent! All the questions and more I was hesitant to ask at DOL training.

“Excellent -Charles, you really know your material !! I was very impressed!”

“He was great…made a somewhat boring subject interesting!”

“Insight from speaker and personal stories were helpful”.

“Excellent presentation, very knowledgeable presenter, liked all of the real life examples.”

“Good examples given to illustrate points. It has been several years since I attended this session. This was very worthwhile.”

“Charlie is very easy to understand.

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