Wage-Hour Guide 

The Federal Wage-Hour Guide for Service Providers to Persons with Disabilities 2013 Edition

Disability service providers have special wage hour concerns not faced by other employers. They include the special wage provision for persons with disabilities and special rules for the staff of residential programs. Organizations that provide residential services must also deal with special rules concerning with sleep time. Service providers are also employers and must comply with the same overtime and other wage-hour issues that all employers face. The Federal Wage-Hour Guide for Service Providers to Persons With Disabilities will assist you in ensuring that your program is in compliance with the law.

Includes DOL’s Field Operations Handbook chapter for Sec. 14(c) – the information DOL investigators use.

Updated with latest interpretations from Department of Labor

The latest information on ‘white collar’ exemptions and overtime rules.

Information on "School to Work"

Information on providing prevocational services under Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waiver program.

More information on
supported employment
measuring productivity for hourly paid workers
"volunteer" issues"
"disabled for the job"

Copies of the Laws and Regulations
Copies of DOL Forms

Client/Worker Issues
Staff Wages
Residential Staff

Determining Commensurate Rates
Finding Prevailing Rates
Measuring Productivity
Professional, Executive, & Administrative Exemptions


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